This Cat Didn’t Like Toys Until He Had a Little Jeep, A Wonderful Story

Cat: Ben Vroomans adopted his cat Frank two years ago and as soon as he saw him he knew he was very special. At first, he didn’t let people pet him and didn’t like hugs, but gradually, he has changed and is now a very sweet and funny cat, although it is still very particular.

© Ben Vroomans

His owner, Ben, says Frank has changed over time and is now a little friendlier.

Ben told The Dodo:

“I still can’t hold him, but he’s super affectionate now. He follows me everywhere. He’s my noisy little shadow, and a kind of celebrity among my social group.

© Ben Vroomans


Usually, Frank doesn’t like toys, but he appreciates a small cardboard sofa. When Ben saw that he was a bit worn, he wanted to find him a new one and found a small green cardboard jeep. Despite the toy’s appearance, he wanted to try it out and brought it home.

not knowing what would be his reaction, his master showed the little jeep to their cat, and to their surprise, Frank was delighted.

© Ben Vroomans

Ben says:

“He loves that thing…I can’t get him out of there.” It’s not a toy cat. He acts like he’s beyond that childish stuff.”

Frank is obsessed with his jeep and spends most of his time in it, much to the amusement of his master who can’t believe the little cardboard jeep make her cat so happy.

© Ben Vroomans

Although he doesn’t like toys, it is certain that his master was right to offer Frank the little green cardboard jeep. No doubt the cat is more than happy and his family is delighted to see him enjoying his jeep so much.

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