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In its Best Recipes collection, Larousse Cuisine presents “Ce soir, c’est pasta”, 100 gourmet recipes to savor pasta all year round.

PASTA RECIPES – If you like pasta, you will enjoy this little book composed of 4 chapters – pasta with vegetables, sea, meat, gratins and lasagna. You will find the classics such as puttanesca pasta, spaghetti alle vongole, spaghetti or Bolognese lasagna and you will discover a multitude of combinations of pasta and ingredients to make salads, pasta dishes, gratins and lasagna. No product seems to resist pasta whether they are spaghetti, fusilli, penne, macaroni, linguine, rigatoni, farfalle, tagliatelle. For spring, a salad of farfalle, salmon and peas, while waiting for the early vegetables of penne with broccoli, blue cheese and walnuts, for summer spaghetti tomato and mozzarella and, for autumn, lasagna with pumpkin and ricotta. Let yourself be surprised by the originality of certain recipes such as spaghetti with walnuts and raisins, linguine with tuna and ginger, macaroni with white beans or penne gratin with mackerel and leeks.
The recipes are accessible to everyone and only take a few minutes to prepare. They are presented on a double page: on the left, the ingredients, the preparation and cooking times and the sequence of the different stages; on the right, a color photo showing the result. You won’t run out of ideas for making this dish that everyone loves.
By its quality and low price, the book is an excellent investment for gourmets.

Tonight is Pasta
The Best Recipes Collection
Larousse Kitchen

216 pages
Size: 16 x 18cm
Price: €5.50

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