This moment when hungry dogs manage to overturn a bicycle loaded with milk

Across today’s world, thousands of animals are forgotten, just like the stray dogs in this story of the day, who struggle to survive day after day.

Due to the global pandemic, fewer and fewer people are willing to help. This is why these animals sometimes act in extreme ways to find something to eat, even if it means “stealing” food.

A sad video shared on the Internet shows how these stray dogs manage to steal milk that was tied on a bicycle! Some dogs are hungry and a little milk can be a great option. The dogs couldn’t control their hunger, so they simply “planned” the exact moment to act.

The video was shot in a neighborhood in New Delhi, India. You can see how the group of four dogs start looking at the bike parked on the sidewalk as soon as they smell the presence of milk in a container attached to the bike. They begin to surround it, as if they were looking for a way to get the precious liquid.

As soon as they saw that there was no one nearby, they pulled a cloth strap and the milk spilled everywhere.

The dogs were happy to have milk, so they drank as much as they could and escaped with full stomachs.

Here is the funny video of these stray dogs:

You must have smiled while watching this video, but let’s not forget that these poor animals were unfortunately very hungry.

Dogs are certainly adorable, they are always able to bring a smile to our faces. We hope you liked this story.

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