United Kingdom: a missing cat found… five years later

Ssacred journey for a feline. A cat was recently found off the coast of Scotland, five years after it disappeared. Refugee on an offshore platform, he was evacuated by helicopter on Friday April 22, said the SCPA, the Scottish animal protection society. “We have successfully rescued a cat found on an offshore oil rig in a shipping container from Peterhead,” the charity said in a statement.

The lost feline was discovered in a container on the oil rig. “We don’t know how the cat ended up there, but we went to the heliport this morning to pick it up,” said Aimee Findlay, member of the Scottish SPCA.

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In recent years, the cat has been frequenting Peterhead Prison, where prison staff fed him and nicknamed him “One-eyed Joe”. But when checking his microchip, the humane society discovered that his real name was “Dexter” and that he had been missing for five years.

“We are really happy that he was well cared for during the time of his disappearance, but we were even happier to be able to reunite him with his original owner thanks to his microchip”, explained the association.

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