Unusual: “Chat Mallows Café” the Parisian cat bar, where you are only the guest!

Never forget it: you are not the master of your cat, he is your master! Joking aside, Paris is full of places dedicated to these adorable felines, likeAristide, an incredible hotel for cats. For the oldest toms, head for Yvelines, to finish their old days “in the hair” in a retirement home. Even more, cat lovers can take part in an unusual escape game called “The Planet of the Cats”. At the end of the game, it is possible to adopt a ball of fur in order to offer it a cozy home. And at tea time, how about sharing your snack in a cafe full of cats? welcome to Cat Mallows Cafe ! But beware: here, you are only the guest!

Chat Mallows Café: the incredible Parisian cat bar!

The Chat Mallows Café is the secret lair of Sugar, Cookie, Pirate, Jerico, or even Sushi. In this atypical place, this happy bunch of hairballs gives you permission to come and have a coffee. At the heart of this unusual tea room, fifteen cats roams as it pleases from table to table, purrs, leaps and arches its back. While enjoying some sweet & savory snacks, you may be able to tame a few felines from this mustachioed gang. But don’t forget: you are on their territory!

Snack time in the lair of 15 cats

Chat Mallows Café cat bar Paris

For the record, this cat bar was designed above all for the well-being of our dear cats! At the Chat Mallows Café, residents have been chosen for their docile and playful demeanor, and their ability to live in community. In this environment conducive to play and relaxation, the little pashas work out and have fun as they please. Among the members of the tribe, we meet the adorable Bengal “Pirate”, a true king of nonsense. There is also the beautiful tabby cat “Mallow”, or the adorable Devon Rex “Jessie”. At tea time, perhaps you will also come across “Jerico”, the village chief with piercing two-tone eyes!

Chat Mallows Café, 30 rue des Volontaires, 75 015 Paris – Wednesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. – Reservations required

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