Used frying oil: serial thefts from restaurants

Is sunflower oil the new yellow gold? Due to the war in Ukraine, prices have soared in Europe and especially in France, and some supermarket shelves remain empty. Supply difficulties that make this commodity a prime target for burglars.

In recent weeks, restaurateurs, who consume tens of liters a day, have been victims of serial theft. In Lesquin, in the North, Samantha Pignon, chef at “La Cave d’Hippolyte”, regularly saw her used oil cans disappear for several weeks. After the service, the precious liquid is indeed transferred to tanks, located behind the establishment, while waiting to be recycled. Three months ago, the cook noticed for the first time that her restaurant was being targeted. “The barrel is open and it’s empty. It’s at least 150 liters of used oil”, she explains at the microphone of TF1, in the video at the top of this article. That is the equivalent of 7.5 cans of 20 liters.


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