VIDEO. Art’e Gustu fills up in Bonifacio

The cliffs of Bonifacio host the Art’e Gustu festival for the first time throughout the weekend.

After two years of absence linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event once again brought together crowds and artisans, producers and breeders.

Access to the citadel has been restricted but many free shuttles allow you to reach the festival from the car parks in the lower town.

For the taste buds

The site has changed but “the concept is always the same”precise Valerie Hermethe organizer of the festival.

Valérie Hermé, organizer of the Art'e Gustu - Nicolas Wallon festival

“There are a hundred exhibitors, there are always masterclasses, workshops, street food spaces to taste and picnic, only we are now in a space four times larger than in Aleria. We can achieve the expectations of the public here”.

As soon as it opened, visitors came from all walks of life to discover a selection of the best island products and, above all, to taste.

Art'e Gustu Festival - Nicolas Wallon

“It’s a treat for the taste budslaunches a retiree from Saint Lucia of Porto-Vecchio. We had never come with my husband and it’s a shame! Everything is excellent, we discover a lot of flavors.” Right next door, her husband, a piece of cheese in his mouth, confirms the words with a nod.

New touch

“With this new edition, in a new location, we wanted to give a touch of noveltycontinues Valérie Hermé, we have a lot more exhibitors from Corse-du-Sud, it’s a real pleasure and a discovery for me too.”

A new edition that she describes as a new beginning after fifteen years of existence.

Art'e Gustu Festival - Nicolas Wallon

The event continues until Sunday evening and offers many appointments until then.

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