“We take innocent cats hostage”

another poisoned

“Someone did shoot the councilwoman’s feline. But every pet owner needs to take care of them and that doesn’t just mean feeding them. If you don’t consider them a member of the family, it’s not worth having. And if everyone respects each other a little more, it will work better in the village. It’s a story of adults and unfortunately we take hostage the cats, who are innocent! “, continues the mayor, who thus invites to more civic-mindedness. A complaint was to be filed this Saturday, April 23.

It is not only in Villefranche that such malicious acts are denounced since recently, a cat was poisoned in Saint-Sylvestre-sur-Lot. He died. “Probably with a rat poison type product”, indicates Marie Dubos, president of the Association for the respect and protection of animals (Arpa), who always calls for vigilance after the many cats targeted by shootings, in Lafitte-sur-Lot or Boé.

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