What hourly rate does the Department of Justice pay?


Me Matthieu Verner, Me Marie Cossette, Me Valérie Roy, Me Michael Bergman and Me Marie Annick Grégoire . Sources: Noel & Associés, Norton Rose Fulbright, Gingras Pouliot Notaires, LinkedIn and University of Montreal

Lawyers who obtain warrants to represent the Department of Justice charge between $200 and $300 an hour. On the other hand, lawyers practicing in the United States charge close to $800 per hour.

This is revealed by the documents tabled in response to requests for information made by the Liberal Party during the annual supply study. The information relates to contracts under $25,000 awarded by the Department of Justice during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

We thus learn that 11 lawyers and jurists have seen their services retained by the Ministry of Justice, for mandates amounting in some cases to more than 10,000 dollars.

Geography, however, influences the hourly rate paid to lawyers carrying out mandates for the ministry.

Further, more expensive

Matthew ClarkSource: ArentFox Schiff


Matthew ClarkSource: ArentFox Schiff

So the American Matthew Clark, of the firm Arent Fox in Washington, receives $795 an hour when his services are required by Quebec, which has not been the case in the past year. He remains at the disposal of the Attorney General to “represent the interests of the Government of Quebec” when commercial disputes arise.

Matthew Clark has been on Quebec’s payroll for a long time, having billed $7 million in the 10 years to 2016 during softwood lumber litigation.

Andrew Fletcher, from Blank Rome to Pittsburgh, is charging $725 an hour for having a Letter of Request homologated in Pennsylvania. The procedure cost $13,411.

Adam Fels.  Source: Fridman Fels & Soto


Adam Fels. Source: Fridman Fels & Soto

A similar procedure performed in Florida, however, cost $14,175 in Florida, while Adam Felsof Fridman Fels & Soto, of Coral Gables, was charging $675 an hour.

In Maine, such a procedure, namely the homologation of letters rogatory, was invoiced at 350 dollars per hour by Jack Woodcockfrom Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson, for a total of $12,359.

The Newfoundlander Alex Templeton, from McInnes Cooper in St. John’s, was asking for an hourly rate of $370 to defend the SQ before the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador. His bill is $3,190.

In Quebec, prices are falling

Me Matthieu Verner, from Noël et Associés in Gatineau, was billed $300 an hour for representing the Attorney General of Quebec before the Ontario courts. His fees totaled $12,240.

Law professor at the University of Montreal, Me Marie Annick Gregoire thus charges $300 an hour for her role as an expert in mortgage law, within the framework of legislative revisions relating in particular to umbrella mortgages. His fees are set at $13,170 for 2021-2022.

Me Marie-Cossette, of Norton Rose Fulbright, bills an hourly rate of $300 “to assist the Attorney General of Quebec in a civil suit”. His total bill is $300.

The notary Valerie Royby Gingras Pouliot, charges $200 per hour for writing a session correction, totaling $2,267.

Finally, to “act on an ad hoc basis as counsel to the Attorney General”, Mr. Michael Bergman, of Bergman and Associates, is offered $300 an hour. However, Mr. Bergman has not been solicited in the last year, and therefore has not submitted any fees.


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