Where to bury your pet?

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This question from a listener who just lost his dog. He would like to bury it in his garden but he doesn’t know if it’s allowed. Where to take your pet, when it has unfortunately died?

Your first instinct may be to bury it in the garden. But you can’t do what you want. Walloon law authorizes it but the municipalities have the right to prohibit you from burying your animal in your garden.

And besides, many forbid it… It depends, for example, on the weight of the animal or the cause of death. You must therefore inquire directly with your municipal administration. It will refer you, in particular, to a list of collectors, approved, to recover the animals…

That’s for Wallonia. Because in the Brussels region, burying your doggie in the garden is FORBIDDEN, everywhere! So what to do with your dog or cat? Many solutions.

Your veterinarian can take care of the process, some work with incineration companies.

There are also pet cemeteries. This is the case in Woluwe Saint Pierre, Harzé, and Liège, which takes care of burials.

Some even offer ceremonies.


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