Which breed of dog lives the longest? An English study establishes their life expectancy

A large-scale English study by the Royal Veterinary College analyzed among the data of 30,563 dogs, from 18 different breeds, those whose life expectancy is the longest and the shortest.

What is the life expectancy of domestic dogs, according to their breed? This is the question asked by a team of British researchers from the Royal Veterinary College, whose study was published at the end of April in the journal Nature.

While the age of our four-legged friends varies by country, and other research has already been done on the issue, this new analysis stands out for its breadth. The scientists relied on VetCompass, a database used by many veterinarians and holding records for more than 20 million animals. They were then able to study the cases of 30,563 dogs, from 18 different breeds, who died between January 1, 2016 and July 31, 2020.

It shows that the Jack Russel, the Yorkshire and the Border Collie are the most robust, being able to live an average of 12.72 years, 12.54 years and 12.10 years respectively.

Flat-faced dogs live shorter

At the bottom of the chart are the American Bulldog, Pug, English Bulldog, and French Bulldog, up to 7.79, 7.65, 7.39, and 4.53, respectively. These are flat-faced dogs that are “strongly associated with life-limiting disorders, such as respiratory problems, spinal problems and dystocia (difficulty giving birth, editor’s note)”, explain the researchers .

According to this study, females generally live a little longer than males (11.41 years versus 11.07 years). Sterilized pets also have a slightly higher life expectancy.

However, all of this data should be handled with caution. “A statistic gives an average which is correct, but there are many more nuances in all the data”, specifies Dan O’Neill, co-author of the study, at the BBC. He takes the example of the Chihuahua, whose average age is 7.91 years, but some representatives have been able to go up to 15 or 16 years in their cohort. This information remains, however, interesting for both veterinarians and owners.

Find the average life expectancy of the 18 breeds studied by researchers:

· Jack Russell 12.72 years old
· yorkshire 12.54 years old
· border collie 12.10 years
· English Springer 11.92 years old
· Crusaders 11.82 years old
· Labrador 11.77 years old
· Staffordshire Bull Terrier 11.33 years old
· Cocker 11.31 years old
· shih tzu 11.05 years old
· Cavalier King Charles 10.45 years
· German shepherd 10.16 years
· Boxer 10.04 years
· Beagle 9.85 years old
· husky 9.53 years old
· Chihuahua 7.91 years
· american bulldog 7.79 years old
· Pug 7.65 years old
· english bulldog 7.39 years old
· French Bulldog 4.53 years old

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