who was angry with Cindy’s cat, who came back injured from five

A resident of Fleur has found her injured cat. The veterinarian discovered that he had received five pellets and attested to an act of cruelty. A complaint has been filed. She wants to alert cat owners in the area.

A resident of Flower thought she would never see her cat again.

Saturday April 2, Pepsi, beautiful tabby, neutered and armadillo cat, adopted at the SPA in July 2019, did not return. Not his usual… Still no sign of life during three long weeks. His mistress combs the town, goes door-to-door, pass announcements on social networks. In vain…

“Thursday April 21, 2022 in the morning, I see my cat at the bay window. I let him in and find him thin, with hindquarters devoid of hair and limping“, says Cindy, then relieved as much as worried.

The radio shows the five pellets

She rushes him to the veterinarian of Mignaloux-Beauvoir, the nearest town. The latter gives him an antibiotic and puts him on cortisone. The x-ray shows five pellets in the cat’s body (four in the thigh and one on the side). Pepsi is neat, but it stays inoperable.

No doubt for the professional: the animal has t victim of abuse and cruelty. He writes a certificate for the owner to file a complaint. In this statement, he recalls that “this act of cruelty is punished by law n 2021-1539 of November 30, 2021 aimed at combating animal abuse”. complaint was dropped off at the gendarmerie of Chauvigny.

Alert the population

Cindy, the owner of the flin, alerted the town hall and now wants to “warn the population of Fleur that a person around has intentionally targeted” his cat. “An inadmissible act.” Hoping that Pepsi will remain an isolated victim. For the moment, still under treatment, and with a ban on leaving, he is recovering slowly.

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