who would blame the cats of the former municipal councilor?

“I have seven cats. This morning, I noticed the disappearance of two of them. I had to take one of the two that I had picked up at the end of March, half-slaughtered, to the vet. The vet had to put him 15 stitches. His neck was literally scalped, ”explains Francine Beaumelle, who was a municipal councilor from 2014 to 2020.

The latter, who claims to want to file a complaint with the gendarmerie, seems to target a person without naming her: “He is someone who sets traps. He must have arrived in the town for about a year. The cats disappeared between the rue de l’Océan and the Clos Noël housing estate. »


On the side of the town hall, no feedback of particular information. “I have not had a call on this subject. I know that a lot of things are said on social networks, but I put quotes there, ”says the mayor of Esnandes, Didier Geslin. Two Facebook groups feed the Landerneau: Le Tambour Esnandais and Fan d’Esnandes.

Christian Vignaud, administrator of this second page which soon has nearly 500 members, has noticed certain posts. “Indeed, it started about a year ago, then again a few weeks ago. A dozen disappearances for which some animals have returned. There have been new housing estates in Esnandes. The animals may have been a bit confused. Some cats came back, some didn’t. »

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