with these new masters who make their dog an equal

INVESTIGATION – Pets have never held such a place in our society. Considered by some to be almost human, do dogs and cats have the sole vocation of filling an omnipresent emotional void?

Camille is 29 years old, she lives near the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, wears tortoiseshell glasses and puts on her sneakers three times a day to walk boldly behind her short-haired, red dog. “When I leave my computer and my small apartment to take Roy for a walk, it’s as if I’m going on an adventure. Anyone can approach me, I’m invincible”, smiles this young woman, who writes, between two excursions, documents for companies. Four years ago, this tall, disheveled brunette traded her permanent contract for a freelance job: “It was too hard to leave him all day alone at home”, she admits, pointing to the mutt who has come to rub her calves. Two other queues come to wriggle on this sidewalk, one of the few in the neighborhood where dogs are tolerated without a leash. Camille, who has no children, knows most of her neighboring owners, she met them through her “Shiba” (contraction of the Shiba inu breed originating from…

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