Yassine Bouzrou, the advocate of freedoms

On the occasion of the publication of his book “Avocat des Libertés” by New World editions, we met Yassine Bouzrou. Portrait of a lawyer who is not from the seraglio, with an extraordinary career and who has become a size in the courtrooms.

Yassine Bouzrou is not afraid to be in the light. ” JI think that a criminal lawyer who has no ego does not exist. Of course, there is an element of ego in all this. »

At 42, this lawyer described by the legal community as being one of the best criminal lawyers of his generation is a child of the Parisian suburbs; his meteoric rise, he owes it only to himself.

His father is a delivery driver at Rungis, his mother, nurse. The siblings are made up of 5 children. Yassine Bouzrou was born in Bezons in the Val d’Oise, he grew up in Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine) where he kept his friends. At 9, he sees himself as a professional footballer, he will use his crampons in the Courbevoie club then that of Boulogne-Billancourt where he will also be crowned top scorer in the Hauts-de-Seine.

I had school facilities but I was not very disciplined.

Feats noticed on the lawn, but at the time, at school, it was by his turbulence that he stood out: “ JI had academic facilities but I was not very disciplined. I preferred to spend my time outside of school “, he admits. Willingly a brawler, the young Yassine was fired from several establishments. The law will reconcile it with studies: “ at the age of 13, I loved defending everyone, all my classmates and passionate about series and films about justice, I started to take an interest in the profession of lawyer “, continues Yassine Bouzrou.

Holder of a technological baccalaureate, he wishes to orient himself in law school but here again, the national education does not see things in a good light. ” JI came across interlocutors who discouraged me and directed me towards this or that sector by discouraging me from undertaking higher education (…) I did well not to follow this advice he exclaims. He integrates the faculty of Assas, obtains his diplomas without difficulty, his specialization is obvious ” for me, the law only exists through criminal law. »

During an internship, Yassine Bouzrou cut her teeth with Jean-Yves Lienard, Christian Saint-Palais and Jean-Yves Le Borgne, all renowned criminal lawyers. He was sworn in on October 25, 2007 and opened his own practice on the same day, an unprecedented event. ” I need to be independent in all circumstances, and the circumstances allowed me to. I was sort of a pro bono legal adviser when I was a student. Given the number of schools attended, I knew a lot of people (smiles), so the day I became a lawyer, I already had a fairly large potential clientele “, he assures.

His older brother buys him his dress, Yassine Bouzrou has significant expenses: he chose to settle on the Champs-Elysées. ” I am a child from the western suburbs of Hauts-de-Seine, so the Paris near where I grew up is the Champs! His office is tiny, above the Mac-Donalds, but the prestigious address: it was good in terms of potential customers, besides, I had clients who nicknamed me the Champs-Elysées lawyer. »

For 6 months in Nanterre, he chained narcotics cases and immediate appearances. He gets releases. In prison, his name runs behind bars. In 2008, he was called by one of Youssouf Fofana’s lieutenants to defend him in the trial of the Barbarian Gang (Editor’s note: Assassination of Ilan Halimi). He will be the only lawyer to obtain acquittals. Three codes of criminal procedure at hand (one in her bag, one on her desk and one in her car just in case), Yassine Bouzrou quickly made a name for herself. He joined the top 30 of the most influential lawyers in France when he had not yet served the bar for three years.

Yassine Bouzrou is working on his first case while he is still a student: the case of Abou Bakari Tandia, an undocumented man who fell into a coma and died after being taken into custody at the Courbevoie police station in January 2004. He is dives headlong into it, the case ends in a dismissal, but in 2008 the Montfermeil blunder, filmed by Ladj Ly and which will inspire the film “Les Misérables” gives it national notoriety. He obtains the conviction of the police and is passionate about the subject. ” II quickly understood that it was a difficult subject where we were faced with an institution, a machine (…) so it pleased me to help these victims “, he says.

We have a judicial system that protects law enforcement.

For five years, his name has been inseparable from that of Adama Traoré, who died shortly after his arrest in Beaumont / Oise and whose family he represents. In his book “Avocat des Libertés”, Yassine Bouzrou denounces a derogatory regime favorable to the police in the judicial system: ” NOTWe have a justice system that protects law enforcement when they commit criminal offences. There is almost systematic impunity: either the police will not be prosecuted, or they will be prosecuted but with such weak penalties that it becomes totally ridiculous. In my opinion, in France, the problem of illegitimate police violence is a problem of judicial violence with justice that does not work as it should work in other cases. »

These cases have contributed to its media coverage, however Yassine Bouzrou refuses the label ‘anti-cop’. ” JI am anti-police who commit illegitimate violence.»

His work, Yassine Bouzrou, recounts it in the book he has just published with New World editions.

At 42, Yassine Bouzrou refuses to be put in a box, he claims his eclecticism. If his name is often associated with illegitimate police violence, they represent only 5% of his firm’s portfolio out of the 1,500 files to his credit for 15 years: Zahia case, defender of Piotr Pavlenski in what is known as the Griveaux case, he also represents victims in the Nice attack.

Father of two children, a fan of French rap where he has a few clients, he never misses an OM match. In his parking lot, public, sits his Ferrari, covered with dust ” it dissuades “, he laughs. Speed, he likes that, in his career as on the motor circuits. With seven victories out of ten obtained for his clients, the former brawler from the western suburbs has forged two new nicknames: “Relaxator” by his clients (in reference to relaxes and ‘Acquittator’ associated with Eric Dupond-Moretti) and ” Ace of Procedure” conferred by the police.

The lawyer has always refused television reports. Laurence Barbry and Louise Simmondet met him. A report from France 3 Paris Île-de-France.

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portrait Yassine Bouzrou


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